Wednesday, February 17, 2010

.:Sea of Rainbows:.

It can howl with rage
Or shine with luster
It can ring with a growling inky black
Or chime with a reflecting blue green
So deep that secrets be lost within
So impulsive that each second plays a different color
So peculiar that each current results vague
So predictable that each ripple ends accurate
Exotic and wonderful
That infinite beauty abides and surfaces
Enigmatic and mystifying
That mysteries lie beneath the veil covering the visage

Consoles yet hopes to be soothed
Offers tranquility yet seeks peace
Wears a veneer of contentment yet desires more
Provides strength yet wishes to be empowered

It can sink
Drown within grief and conflicts
Or have sunken
Engulf whispers and secrets
It can float
Shine, rejoice and be merry
Or make afloat
Bestow bliss and make cheery
Characteristics contradicting yet composed whole
Personality mysterious and bold
Electrifying and mystifying
Exciting and guarded
Opposing yet united
Volatile and placid
Bottomless and inscrutable
And absolutely remarkable and wonderful

You are The Sea of Rainbows
Hiding every pebble and leaf
Reflecting every color beneath
Sparkling and lively
Full of warmth and ease
Dynamic and vigorous
Intense and upbeat
Sea of Rainbows


  1. Awwwwwwww!! Lucky Dyana =)

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