Thursday, February 18, 2010

.:Peals of Laughter:.

I enjoy thrills, things that make your heart rate go faster and make you scream with the adrenaline rush. Often i enjoy so much that i end up laughing so hard that i can't laugh or scream any more. Today was such a day, I went on a ride and i couldn't help but scream with laughter. You go all the way up up and up and then u fall down lol, and then the whole thing repeats itself haha...
I just can't wait unti i get the chance to do all the things that give u the rush, bungee jumping, car racing, cliff diving and everything everything possible...haha i am such an adrenaline junkie. Which reminds me so are my friends, lol Liane and Kate haha...We are so going bungee jumping together and do all the crazy things whenever we plan a vacation together. Love u both lots lots lots infinite x's and 0's

Today was fun :D. It also gave me time to spend time with a long ago friend Bella. I hadnt seen her in a long while and had an awesome time with her :D Lets go do more crazy things soon xD

One other thing that makes me crack and laugh is the song F*** You Very Much by Lily Allen loool...everytime i lsten to it i can't help but laugh, its so funny haha...a swear word in thanks lol and the way she sings it makes it even more funny looool

Well today was filled with peals of laughter, what better to make a day great than laughter :D
Keep smiling everyone, life is too short for ill feelings...:)