Sunday, February 21, 2010


A casket buried beneath mounds of sands
Treasured and owned
Fortune of secrets and emotions
Of aches and pain
Of joy and delight
Of hardships and worries
Of ecstasy and bliss
Until it’s sought and the lock shattered

The casket gaping
A sea of secrets swimming
Open to hoard
Bare to seize
Memories known
Sentiments shown
Smiles disclosed
Frowns exposed
Courage stolen
Fears spoken
And all secrets revealed
Because of a broken seal

Weaknesses naked, ready to strike upon
Opened, stripped from shelter
Vulnerable and insecure
Afraid to endure
You soul exhumed and uncovered
For all eyes to examine and read

Take it all back
Cover your secrets
Lock your fortune
Make yourself safe and seek the shelter
Enclose all and never abandon your guard
Tighten your lock and strengthen your hold
For there is nothing more precious than your casket of gold
The casket of your soul


  1. Wow!! Blogosphere has really missed something amazing here. Wow WOw Oh WOw!! MASHALLAH!

  2. lol jazak ALLAH khairr brother...ur words r encouraging :)