Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture in the Frame

I lit our picture in the frame
Hoping to burn your memories
I watched our faces ablaze
Watched as they flooded me

My wet eyes said all in silence
Streamed over the almost burnt memory
I watched as the last traces shriveled in my hand
The ashes piled in agony

Felt my heart to see if you left
Heard my beat for your absence
To my dismay your burnt ashes now reigned
Became the sovereign of my presence

The picture in the frame
Now etched upon my soul
Engraved upon my heart
Made me whole

Maria Yousuf

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Frozen Waterfall

Devoid of its Nature
Barren of its Essence
Hollow of the sentiments that once made it whole

Abandoned by the warmth
Laying in the cold
Piercing icicles of its past woes

Locked in its misery without release
Lost in a destiny stripped of speech
A frozen Waterfall preserved its soul
For summers to come and make it whole

Maria Yousuf

Friday, November 25, 2011

Where I choose to Stand

In tints of green and gray
The shore greets me
The tender waves bow below
Tickle my advancing feet

The rays of dawn kiss the rugged peaks that surround me
Create a halo around me
Make me giddy
Spread a smile

I loose myself in the tranquility
Feel the waves of joy rolling
I Loose myself in the rhythm and melody
Let them pull me into oblivion

Reality seems surreal
The existing hollow asunder
I rely upon beliefs in castles of sand
and wish to abide within

I can pick up a handful of sand
But never count the grains
one by one
a million to none

I can fling them in the sea
But in the end they will all come back to me
So I choose to blind them
Rid them entirely

I chase an illusion created with rainbows
Believe in my castles of sand
Never let the haze of my dream settle
That is where I choose to stand

Maria Yousuf

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Handful of Sand

She lets the wind dry her tears
Lets the sea sooth her
Lets the waves caress her feet
Lets the tranquility move her

Turns to see
The reason of her misery
Clenches a handful of sand
And Flings it against the wind

It all dissipates
Like the sand grains against the wind
It all scatters in an instant
That's How long Misery Lasts
Like a Handful of Sand against the Wind

Maria Yousuf