Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Frozen Waterfall

Devoid of its Nature
Barren of its Essence
Hollow of the sentiments that once made it whole

Abandoned by the warmth
Laying in the cold
Piercing icicles of its past woes

Locked in its misery without release
Lost in a destiny stripped of speech
A frozen Waterfall preserved its soul
For summers to come and make it whole

Maria Yousuf


  1. Wow! Very heartwarming piece of poetry! Keep it up!

  2. DUDE Masha'Allah, this is very beautiful!

  3. Do I need to say "wow" one more time when everyone is just wowed by your wowing poetry. :)

    "You wave your pen and define a thousand tales of love and sorrow - While the world falls in agony

    While the world falls to the depth, you wave your pen and recite a thousand lullabies" ;)

    Keep Writing.

    Don't forget to mention me the link next time. I kind of forget to check blogger. :|

  4. OMG thank you all SO MUCHHHHHHHHH!!!!
    Just thought you would read, wasnt epecting comments

    @daniyal Arian: will do, did this time too didnt i...
    and im not the only poet *points at you*