Monday, March 29, 2010

.:The Road to Success:.

“The road to success depends on the strength of your belief that you are already there”.
Every word that is stated in this quote holds significance, each word defines what precedes it. They exude power as strong as your conviction of them and echo as deeply rooted and embedded they are.
“The road to success…” a path towards accomplishing our aim, a route we all wish we are treading upon and the way to our dreams, the road to success. “Depends on…”everything is dependent on something and so is the path to success, there are guidelines or rules, appropriate actions and behaviors, and a certain way of approaching thoughts and harnessing your convictions. The road to success demands such convictions and requires a way of approach. “The strength of your belief…” it requires the strength, the power, of your belief, your faith. It calls for your forceful and fierce trust and faith in the fact “That you are already there” that you are already at the pinnacle of your climb, that you have already achieved what you dream of and that you reign in your world of truth. No uncertainty dwells only convictions reign; convictions and beliefs that you are already where you are going, at the peak of success.

.:The Sky is the Limit:.

“The sky is the limit”- Anonymous. The sky, perfect to set goals towards, set goals high above you and reach them. The higher you reach the farther your goal yet always in grasp. Reach up high to touch the sky, and in your view you will see that you can always grasp it but not entirely. Go and stand beneath the sky, a sunny one or a starry one, and reach up and you will see that your goal is yet to be reached. Get up higher and reach up and yet your goal is far away. Go higher and higher, as high as you can go and you will see that no matter how high you go your goals will rise higher and higher and that there is no end to the infinite sky. Yet you will also see that you are always touching the sky and that your goals are gained. Extending higher only extends the count of your goals and sets new ones, the one you had set is already been achieved. The sky is the limit, what a paradox, the sky has no limit. Set goals to infinite and even though infinite is endless your goals will always be reachable. The sky is the limit.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

.: Happy Endings - Sinking into Eternity:.

It was past midnight and she stood at the edge where the water broke the shore, the chilly night bit at her skin. It was breathtakingly beautiful, it was a full moon and accentuated the silently lapping waves and the night sky was filled with stars, it was the bluest night she ever remembered. She was fully clothed and silver streaks marked her face, she’d been crying. Kathleen moved forward to sink in the wetness when she felt a presence behind her. “Why are you going for a swim at the middle of the night?” she turned back to look at him, his eyes spoke concern. She slowly looked away and said “I want to go deep beneath the water where no one can see my tears”. As she started forward Ryan held her hand and she turned to look at him, he silently smiled at her and took a step forward to stand by her. That said it all. Holding hands they both sank in the breeze of the waves.

Mari Yousuf

Sunday, March 21, 2010

.:Pink Candy:.


.: Peircing Shine:.

.:Life Line:.

Will you reach out and save me from the fall?
Catch me from self imposed solitary
Will you help me float?
Uplift me when I am in danger of drowning in the sea of loss
Will you swim me to the shore?
Guide me to dry land when all I own is damp tears of being left alone
Will you walk me home?
See me to safety when I am in danger of becoming lost and gone
Will you be my life line?
Be the reason I stay afloat
And the reason I don’t feel sore anymore

Will you pull me in?
Support and help me when I am helpless and weak in emptiness
Will you pull me out?
Lift me from the gloom and dismay of loneliness
Will you wrap me in warmth?
Embrace and comfort me when I am stranded
Will you build me a fire?
Make sure I won’t freeze if I become jaded
Will you be my life line?
Be the reason I hold on
And the reason I go on?

Will you be my lifeline?
The strength I hold on to
The sky I look up to
The support I stand up against
The being I stand up with
My Life Line….

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


.: Orange Rise:.

The ball of fire rises
Setting the sky in flames
Painting it tropic
Inviting flora and fauna to sing and soar
Spraying them both with its tropical delight
It beckons the inhabitants to splash in the tides
Dances its rays upon their faces
Bathes them in the wonder of heat and water
And drowns them in the pleasure of warmth
It’s a day that began with the hue of heat
Warm orange
An orange rise

Sunday, March 14, 2010

.:The way Through:.

There is no way out, only a way through. Walk through it and it'll make you stronger, give you a purpose to stand up for, and the power to shun away the worthless ease of evading. Walk through it all and it will prove worthwhile and everlasting, you'll learn to overcome and handle rather than evade and escape, you will achieve and gain more and learn and be educated. There is no way out, only a way through so walk that path and become a stronger you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

.:Secret Diary:.

Let me be your secret diary,
Let me conceal your dirty secrets
And cover your transgressions
Let me mask your filthy thoughts
And bury your wrong doings
Let me engulf your whispers
And veil your fantasies
Let me obscure your embarrassments
And hide your bad deeds

Let me be your secret diary,
To be your one and only
Your lock and key
To be your friend for a lifetime
And confidant for eternity
To be your cloak to cover with
And your shelter to hide in
To be the guardian of your crypt of secrets
And your pillar of strength when you need it

Let me be your secret diary like you are mine
The same faith and trust
The same love and hurt
The same strength and weakness
The same bliss and sadness

Love me as I love you
Have faith me as I have faith in you
Entrust me with your hidden silence as I have entrusted mine to you
Lock your soul within me as I have locked mine within you
Rely on my assurance as I have relied on yours
Believe in my words as I have believed in yours
Find bliss in my presence as I have found it in yours
Seek comfort in my embrace as I have sought it in yours
Make me your secret diary as I have made you mine
Secret Diary….