Monday, March 29, 2010

.:The Road to Success:.

“The road to success depends on the strength of your belief that you are already there”.
Every word that is stated in this quote holds significance, each word defines what precedes it. They exude power as strong as your conviction of them and echo as deeply rooted and embedded they are.
“The road to success…” a path towards accomplishing our aim, a route we all wish we are treading upon and the way to our dreams, the road to success. “Depends on…”everything is dependent on something and so is the path to success, there are guidelines or rules, appropriate actions and behaviors, and a certain way of approaching thoughts and harnessing your convictions. The road to success demands such convictions and requires a way of approach. “The strength of your belief…” it requires the strength, the power, of your belief, your faith. It calls for your forceful and fierce trust and faith in the fact “That you are already there” that you are already at the pinnacle of your climb, that you have already achieved what you dream of and that you reign in your world of truth. No uncertainty dwells only convictions reign; convictions and beliefs that you are already where you are going, at the peak of success.

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