Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Accompanied in empty space of a barren desert land
Greeted with warmth in the sinking grains of sand
An embodied feeling of being loved
Knowing I will never be alone

- Maria Yousuf

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spears of solace

Watching spears drench me tender
Staring up into the infinite

Lost in the caress of the passerby
Flaunting unwoven joys ignite

Transported into a sheltered solace
Deprived of acknowledgement of reality

Trailed by the warmth of a lost embrace
Parceled in sought after serenity

Wrapping duly in directed precautions 
As paradox of right breaks pace

Shelving away dusted claims
Reveling in spears of solace

- Maria Yousuf

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dying Embers

Watch dying embers consume their prey
Breathing, slithering into decay
Devouring composition lifeless grey
Sweeping existence into the grave

- Maria Yousuf
Tweeted  while curating for @iam_pakistan

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Lantern

Draped in marbled colors of rust
Wording tales of tears and smiles
Subtle sweet, raging loud
Suffocating as I slowly breathe out

An endless ballet
Upon an infinite symphony
Spreading far, deepening slight
Wrapped in sights of delicate blithe

Ivory enclosure, a fragile guard
Exposing whimsical reflections astray
Contorted light, deflected whispers
Trembling frail as existence withers

Delicately showering tinkered rays
Shielding colors rich
Dry petals echoing remnants
Escaping shields of brittle chants

Tales of tattered guards
Keeping safe in frayed shards
Dyed in colors my own
Living hues like a breeze blown

Desert space

Liberated in the mist of a fallen night
Resonating joy gifted upon a graze of sight

In the desert chaos of silent space
Enveloped by the expanse palpable void

Memorizing the feeling of being lost in the sea of emptiness
Whisper free, soft, profound loneliness

Saving the iterated segments of infinite
Equating emptiness to saturated encircled heights

- Maria Yousuf