Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fumbling with a bear hug of presents
Too happy to handle
Loosing them like grains of sand

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rattling hollow being of void
Occupy the vessel of life
With that of WHOM it Belongs

Haiku by Maria Yousuf
Like ancient tombs dried
Walk among scattered torn petals
Aimlessly wavering among shallow desires

Haiku by Maria Yousuf
Flee towards every flickering opportunity
Wrap them in your name
Encircle yourself in the blessings

Haiku by Maria Yousuf

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unending deep; limitless high
Reach, dive, infinite

Haiku by Maria Yousuf 
Digging stone paths of no outcome
Redirect understanding, shovel dirt
Expand knowledge, sow, reap

Haiku by Maria Yousuf 


Haiku by Maria Yousuf 
Veiling Mercy with curtains of wails
Incognizant to the Blessing
Rise awake, uncomprehending being

Haiku by Maria Yousuf 
Unrecognized unless whole
Fill the two halves inside

Haiku by Maria Yousuf 
Shards left asunder
Shattered upon the tip of the universe
Undo, detach; Make whole, attach...Illahi

Haiku by Maria Yousuf 
Hollow, viod
My soul inside
Love of Allah, Fill, Make it complete

Haiku by Maria Yousuf