Monday, May 31, 2010

.:The Pendulum Swing:.

Watch the pendulum swing
Back and forth back and forth
Tick tock tick tock
Taking away each second that will never be restored
Counting infinite time endlessly
Waiting, watching
Wasting, aging
Each passing second taking one away from your life
Making you younger and shortening your life span
For u are the oldest when u are born
And get younger in life as it goes on
Watch the pendulum swing
Back and forth back and forth
Tick tock tick tock
And with every swing know
That that is the loss of a grain
Of infinite time
That will never come back again


I am a sundial
Walking through every phase
As the sun rotates
Merely an object
That shadows the progress of time
Depicts its course
And follows its guide
A sundial

.:Secret of my Silence:.

The secret of my silence
Lies within the silence itself
Hidden, exposed
Covered, naked
Misinterpreted as static, voiceless
Misunderstood as quiet, unstated
Listen closer static hums loud
You can make out the sounds
Of the cause of the tingles in the echoless
The grain in the voiceless
Listen to the empty air
Feel the vibes of the unspoken words
Hear the sentiments speaking
Touch the palpable weave
Silence is all but silent
A way of expression
To express
That which you wish not to holler
But speak
And make known
Secret of my silence

.:Words on Canvas:.

I paint my words on a canvas
Speaking in depiction
Writing an exhibition
I write what I wish
I show and tell what I think
My brush is my pen
My paint is my ink
I paint my words on a canvas
So all could see what I wrote
A depicted writing
An exhibited thought
Words on canvas

From Behind Shattered Mirrors

From behind shattered mirrors I peek
I watch you cry sorrowful
Aching as you reassemble those shards
I watch from behind the shattered mirror
Invisible to you in your agony
A blurred unreality
I peep from the other side
Hoping that you would see me now
Since I am not the cause of your pain
I bind my hands behind my back
And come out from my hiding place
You wipe away your tears and look at me
Seeing me stand there you cry harder
And you pick me up and hug me
I am hope
One that you had forgotten
One that you let slip from your hands
One whom you denied trust in any longer
But remember I am always there in your toughest times
You strength to hold on to when you are down
I am hope
You hope
Your trust
Your faith
Peeking from behind shattered mirrors

.:Plastic Halo:.

Your halo shines upon you head
Indicating you righteous and innocent
Marking you an angel in sights of all who see
Identifying you free of evil and composed of purity

As soon as backs turn and sights distract
You snicker and gone is your angel act
Reality revealed
Your sincerity was only meant for sneers
To laugh at and jeer

Your shining halo dull and thrown aside
Plastic and meaningless lying on the ground
Purpose only to fool and deceive
An accessory for you to flaunt and tease

A plastic halo sitting upon a devil’s head
Meaning nothing except an accessory for appearance
Don’t fake truth and purity
Your evil self exudes through your entity
Abandon the plastic halo you wear
Because it doesn’t fool anyone here
Your Plastic Halo…

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Let silence run its course
Let it settle
Let it lengthen
Let it provoke
Let it strengthen
Let it entice thought
And let it mend those broken


Listen to the booming thunder
See the white lightning
Feel the rain pelt your skin
Hear the wind howling
And then you'll realize
The significance,
The importance
Of the lost presence
Of your acknowledgement
Of everything that surrounds you
Realize what you have shunned
Realize the beauty that you sit among
Realize the ignorance you have adopted

.:The candy in the window:.

Every time I pass that store I stare
Press my nose against the glass and peer
Desire licks my belly and my mouth waters
But those delicacies aren’t meant for beggars
I just stare nonsensical
Wander off in a daydream where I have it all
I grab bars of chocolates of varying types, fill a bag of jaw breakers and gumdrops
Get more of sour sticks and candies and take a liberal amount of top pops
And then I am shaken out of my daze
Pushed away from the gates
Forced to live unto my status and not dream bigger
Shunned from civility and polite words
Five years from now will I be able to put out the flames?
Will I be able to get all the candies I crave?
Or will I wander and stare like I always have been?
I can’t say more, I am unable to
Because five years from now I don’t know how it will end

Life, in each pendulum swing
In each falling grain
And every hours ring

.:Penetrate my soul:.

Penetrate my soul
Know me deep
Turn me inside out
Reveal my entity
Be my best friend
My shield from enemies
Be my pillar
The air I breathe

Penetrate my soul
Know me deep
Go where forbidden thoughts linger
Where buried secrets live
Unearth the hidden truths
Reveal the shadowed lies
Peer at the insecurities
Unlock the locked soul

Penetrate my soul

Monday, May 10, 2010


I pick up the last piece
Its edges sharp and piercing
It slips and cuts me
I feel stinging pain
My cut throbs
And blood spills
On my clothes
On the floor
And on that last piece
The last shattered piece
Of my heart

I had surrender all to you
Never thought twice before I spoke
Let you in and revealed myself
I hid nothing from you
I had given myself up completely
Not knowing that I had invited you to break me
And you came
Burning and crushing
All I had given you
I ached unbelieving
As I burned in the fire you lit
It charred me and my body screamed
I hurt not accepting
As I scraped across to you
My hands grating on the floor
I pained denying
As my broken heart sliced me
Bleeding and suffering

But now that I have accepted it
I pick up the pieces of my broken heart
And it doesn’t fit
My broken heart breaks me
Its pain pains me
Its hurt hurts me
Its ashes burn me
And it’s never complete
There is always a missing piece
The one you have taken away
The piece which holds your friendship and memories
One that I can’t forget no matter how I try
….No matter how I try

I sit on the floor,
All my pieces scattered
Asking me to pick them up again
To feel what I had once been through
To heal what had broken
I lean forward collecting them
And arranging them
And as each piece I seek
My wounds renew
With it come memories
That cut into new aches
And then I pick up the last piece
Its edges sharp and piercing
It slips and cuts me
And I lie reliving each painful memory all over again

You may get back up when you fall
But your scars remain
Reminding you of their existence
And all the memories and pain

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Wish

I wish exuberance
Someone to run to
Every time my sentiments surface and flow
And I’m in hyper mode
Every time happiness approaches me
And excitement vibrates through me

I wish security
Every time problems occur and grow
And obstacles choose to show
Every time pain stabs me
And hurt spreads within me

I wish comfort
Every time my face falls
And misery calls
Every time distress haunts me
And gray clouds surround me

I wish aid
Whenever indecision plagues me
And I am unable to comprise
Whenever times inquire my sanity
And inquisition overwhelms me

I wish ease
Whenever I want someone to express to fully
And confide in with everything
Whenever I want someone to be myself around
And never fear of being bound


I had been trying to breath; you breathed air into me
Rejuvenating me and carrying me farther than destiny

I had been trying to speak; you became my voice and echoed my words
Gave me speech to talk and let thoughts converse

I had been trying to shine; you gave me radiance and made me sparkle
The shining diamond, dusting luster in my eyes and gleaming beyond remarkable

I had been trying to swim; you swam beneath me and kept me afloat
Carrying me and drifting far away together towards clich├ęd quotes

I had been trying to climb; you pushed me and solidified my each step
The rock beneath my feet raising me higher towards the climax

I had been trying to fly; you flew below and lifted me
The wind beneath my wings, rising upwards towards eternity

I had been trying to laugh; you began as a smile spreading up to my eyes
Dancing upon my face, making me happy and revealing my hidden shine

You are the reason of my prosperity, the pinnacle of my success
The best of me, the lock to my treasure chest
My every dream and wish
My life, soul and living
My paradise and heaven
My world, universe and everything

.:Shiny Time Teller:.

.:Morning Munch-Fruit Loops:.