Saturday, May 1, 2010


I had been trying to breath; you breathed air into me
Rejuvenating me and carrying me farther than destiny

I had been trying to speak; you became my voice and echoed my words
Gave me speech to talk and let thoughts converse

I had been trying to shine; you gave me radiance and made me sparkle
The shining diamond, dusting luster in my eyes and gleaming beyond remarkable

I had been trying to swim; you swam beneath me and kept me afloat
Carrying me and drifting far away together towards clich├ęd quotes

I had been trying to climb; you pushed me and solidified my each step
The rock beneath my feet raising me higher towards the climax

I had been trying to fly; you flew below and lifted me
The wind beneath my wings, rising upwards towards eternity

I had been trying to laugh; you began as a smile spreading up to my eyes
Dancing upon my face, making me happy and revealing my hidden shine

You are the reason of my prosperity, the pinnacle of my success
The best of me, the lock to my treasure chest
My every dream and wish
My life, soul and living
My paradise and heaven
My world, universe and everything

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