Wednesday, May 19, 2010

.:The candy in the window:.

Every time I pass that store I stare
Press my nose against the glass and peer
Desire licks my belly and my mouth waters
But those delicacies aren’t meant for beggars
I just stare nonsensical
Wander off in a daydream where I have it all
I grab bars of chocolates of varying types, fill a bag of jaw breakers and gumdrops
Get more of sour sticks and candies and take a liberal amount of top pops
And then I am shaken out of my daze
Pushed away from the gates
Forced to live unto my status and not dream bigger
Shunned from civility and polite words
Five years from now will I be able to put out the flames?
Will I be able to get all the candies I crave?
Or will I wander and stare like I always have been?
I can’t say more, I am unable to
Because five years from now I don’t know how it will end

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