Monday, May 31, 2010

.:Plastic Halo:.

Your halo shines upon you head
Indicating you righteous and innocent
Marking you an angel in sights of all who see
Identifying you free of evil and composed of purity

As soon as backs turn and sights distract
You snicker and gone is your angel act
Reality revealed
Your sincerity was only meant for sneers
To laugh at and jeer

Your shining halo dull and thrown aside
Plastic and meaningless lying on the ground
Purpose only to fool and deceive
An accessory for you to flaunt and tease

A plastic halo sitting upon a devil’s head
Meaning nothing except an accessory for appearance
Don’t fake truth and purity
Your evil self exudes through your entity
Abandon the plastic halo you wear
Because it doesn’t fool anyone here
Your Plastic Halo…

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