Friday, February 26, 2010

.:Once Long Ago:.

Once long ago this day meant something
This time said something
And words spoke something
Days past and times lost
Seasons flown and years gone
Reminiscing about how it used to be
And smiling at resurfacing memories
Once long ago…

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You were a friend lost....a friend who was true and remebered, a friend who was helpful and blessed, a friend who was supportive and giving, a friend who was advicing and listened, a friend who always wished for my best and showed me paths righteous.
A freiend found. Loyalty your name, a friend forever of eternity.
I want an attachment, an addiction...
To devote my lonesome time to and occupy my mind with...
To surrender my thoughts to and fill my imaginations with....
I want an attachment, an addiction...

.: When life abandons and souls depart, colors still shine only memories apart:.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I am a puppet, a marionette
Controlled and played
By societies’ proprieties
And judging eyes
By people’s lies
And life’s cries

The proprieties of the society
Teaching me the prerequisite
Asking me to act in accordance
Requesting me to speak with etiquette
Asking me to give an appearance of acceptance
And yet following the contrary of their demands
Whispering gossip and fueling rumor
Raising scandals and disrespecting with humor
Creating trouble and enjoying the furor
Before asking me to be someone who I am not
Set an example I would follow
Rather than teaching me your flaws
And thrusting me on a path shallow

The judging sights
Viewing me keenly, scrutinizing
With interest in faults be exhibited and acts inappropriate
To later spark a story and flame into flares
To exhume the buried and strum on dead bones
To splay my character with grime and enjoy doing it
Those judging sights not worth a sight
For their actions smudge their own name
Owning no right to judge me
Splaying filth on their own entities
Before eyeing and pointing me
Look within, you wouldn’t want it
So act the same
Don’t go and blacken my name

People’s lies
Filling me ears full
Trying to exhibit life’s false truths
Showing me lights dull
And filling me with falsehoods
Wanting to ruin my outlook
Making me see a lying book
Wanting to make me believe in those lies
And compose me of fake compositions
Before trying to mist my perspective with sham
See who I am
I am not weak to believe in your false truths
Will never change myself for your falsehoods

Life’s cries
Loud and condemning
Inevitable and challenging
Forcing to hide in a burrow
Causing profound sorrow
Causing feelings ill
And halting life still
Block out the cries and drown the misery
Choose to listen to melodies and be afloat
Misery cries only when you let it
Life will sing sweet if you believe it

I am a puppet, a marionette no longer
Controlled and played no further
By societies’ improper proprieties
And unjust judging eyes
By the people’s unaffecting lies
And life’s blockable cries

Sunday, February 21, 2010

.:Open Up:.

You keep yourself closeted
Away from every penetrating sight
Away from every perceiving eye
No matter how shallow you seem to be
You are as deep
No matter how hard you seem to be
You are as soft
And no matter how harsh you seem to be
You are as gentle

The past may have compelled you to draw yourself within
Taught you not to trust or let people in
It may have given you distaste for some
But time reveals more as it comes

Not everyone lives alike, people act different
What your past held may not be what your future reveals
Thus try and love each one separately instead of generalizing them into one
And you will see how beautiful every person shines beneath

Open up your soul
Those whom you condemn are far worthier
Open up your eyes
Those whom you loathe are more than shallow
Open up your heart
Those whom you hurt are more deserving
Open up
For you may never get another chance
And when time is scare you will realize how wrong you were
That those who you shunned away from
Were the ones who loved you the most.

.:New Beginnings:.

I tread on a journey towards an unknown destination
Along the way I came across cleared paths and bright days,
Cheery sights and wonderful dreams,
Vibrant flowers and strong foundations

And then I came upon rough roads and battered paths
The rain stabbed me and made my path even worse to walk on
I stumbled and fell but then I got back up and continued walking
I walked through the pain and hurdles
I walked through the screaming weather
I came upon a hill

Blinded by the mist of the pouring rain
I strived and drove myself forward to reach the top
The rain challenged me, the rubble slipped
But I kept on moving forward.
I went on staggering upward
Through the haze and downpour
Over the piercing rocks and slipping mud
And I prevailed,
I reached the top.

The rain subsided and the damp dried
The sun shone and I found myself at my destination
Where I stood was where I had begun
My journey had ended with my beginning.
However this would be a new beginning
For the past journey had made me stronger

Every ending is a commencement of new beginnings
Every destination is the beginning of another journey
Just as my destination has brought me upon a new journey
And my ending has ended with a new beginning.

.:Glowing Dead:.

Autumn greets me, dry and broken.
I pick up a leaf, one among the million that cluster my path,
A beautiful corpse
Deprived of spirit yet flaring with color
Dead yet exuding beauty

I trace the veins and touch the crippled paper
It is delicate and fragile yet it remains intact
I look at it closely, trying to memorize its intricate design
And then I crush it
It breaks in a million shards

The burning flame now burnt
The dead now disposed of
I open my hands to let the breeze carry its ashes

Magnificence sings in the lifeless
Splendor dances in the dead
And flaming colors paint the autumn

.:Fading Shadows:.

All I ever thought about was
How I stood drenched in the rain
Soaked by the heaving spears
And struck by lightning
Frightened by the deafening thunder
And blinded by the ghastly haze

All I ever thought about was
How dark the night was
Afraid of the eternal ominous black
And creepy lurking shadows
Alarmed by whistles in the silence
And echoing hollow whispers

All I ever thought about was how awful it all was
Never realizing
That after the rain the rainbow always shines
Breaking the gray clouds and lighting hope
Clear, colorful, never ending and treasured

That after every night the sun always rises
Disintegrating the shadows and brightening the dark
Brilliant, illuminating, eternal and cherished

That after every tear there comes a smile
And after every dark there comes light
That after all sorrows there comes a while
Where you cherish the drenching rains and dark nights
Fading shadows


A casket buried beneath mounds of sands
Treasured and owned
Fortune of secrets and emotions
Of aches and pain
Of joy and delight
Of hardships and worries
Of ecstasy and bliss
Until it’s sought and the lock shattered

The casket gaping
A sea of secrets swimming
Open to hoard
Bare to seize
Memories known
Sentiments shown
Smiles disclosed
Frowns exposed
Courage stolen
Fears spoken
And all secrets revealed
Because of a broken seal

Weaknesses naked, ready to strike upon
Opened, stripped from shelter
Vulnerable and insecure
Afraid to endure
You soul exhumed and uncovered
For all eyes to examine and read

Take it all back
Cover your secrets
Lock your fortune
Make yourself safe and seek the shelter
Enclose all and never abandon your guard
Tighten your lock and strengthen your hold
For there is nothing more precious than your casket of gold
The casket of your soul

.:Break the Surface:.

A reflecting pool, a facade of lies
Break the surface, peek within

Calm and placid dreams
A spell of wishes
Sweet and overwhelming memories
A whirlwind of emotions
Raging and burning anger
A volcano of violence
Bitter and sour resent
A river of acid

Truth be told, sentiments swell raw
Break the surface and see colors true
Beyond the reflecting pool of posing lies
Lies a deeper you

Flames lashing high
Licking the sky
Becoming hotter and hotter towards the core
Depth of your heat

Stone icicles, piercing the air
Like daggers and claws in a lair
Frozen deeper and deeper to the center
Depth of your cool

Waves, crashing the shore
Thick and breathing life beneath
Endless depth lower and lower boundless
Depth of your silence

Truth be told, sentiments swell raw
Break the surface and see colors true
Beyond the reflecting pool of posing lies
Lies a deeper you


Love me, let me dream
Even if a lie
Hold me, quiet my grief
Even if for a while
Be present, and let your presence heal
Even if I seem fine
Care for me, make me believe
Never to let me cry

I won’t weep
Will dissolve my grief
I won’t fall
Will stop being weak
If you pose to be with me
And exhibit fake pretensions true
That you love me
And will help me through

Pretend to care
Let me conjure illusions
Pretend to adore
Let me live in my delusions
Pretend to like
Let me believe in the hallucinations

Exhibit a charade of undying love
Pretend to be an ardent lover
Act a play of fancied attachment
Pretend to be an affectionate admirer
And I’ll be convinced
That even if you truly don’t love me
You care enough to play pretense
That even if you really don’t care
You worry enough to help me
That even if you rarely worry
You bother enough to act in propriety


I won’t succumb to any asking
Won’t doubt my misgivings
I’ll never fall for your deceit
Because you always speak fake claims

Are you trying to convince me or you?
Lying to make it be believed?
Because your attempts have failed on me
You will never succeed in deceiving me

I won’t give in to your forced vows of truth
Won’t believe in those meaningless falsehoods
I am aware of your entity
You are composed of dishonesty

I won’t succumb to you
Won’t ever give myself away
I won’t give in to you
Won’t ever go astray
I won’t succumb to you
Won’t ever let your presence stay
I won’t give in to you
Won’t ever let myself break
Will never succumb….

.:Break the Bars:.

Let me spread my wings and soar
Let me explore the endless sky I’ve known
Let me kiss the blushing dawn
Let me experience the thrill I’ve owned

Let me love the day and night
Let me dance with the stars and light

Let me grin and smile
Let me laugh a while

Break the bars that hold me back
Let me free
To be who I was meant to be
A bird with wings who soars the skies for eternity

.:Rhythms of the Day:.

At the break of dawn,
I stand at the brink, stealing a breath of the breeze,
It whips around me, tousles my hair,

Hours pass and the sun rises high,
Then the twelfth hour strikes
And strike the beams do too on the crystal surface of the sea
Breaking it in a million lustrous diamonds and drowning me within its beauty
Lost, I stare nonsensical at the luminous sea
Wishing it would last for eternity,
But eternity would make me lose its desire
Thus, it fades as the sun descends

The sun’s descent seizes me in rapture
The sky paints itself in a wondrous display and holds me captive
Pale pink and yellow, orange and cherry red
All deepening gradually into bold tones
Rich pink and deep gold, fiery auburn and crimson

Slowly the violet velvet starts spreading,
It settles, showered in glitter
And then again I am lost in the delight my sight beholds

The different rhythms of the day engulf me in their waves of pleasure
Nature never ceases to inspire me,
Nor will I ever cease to admire it.

.:Tranquil Fire:.

It holds my sight, unmoving and silent
Reveals beauty, undefined yet defined
Undefined such, that no other can recreate
And defined such, that unending words speak of it

Colors of a blazing fire set on canvas
Pleasant and soothing to the soul
Shades of rage, silenced and calmed
Stirring a sigh of breathtaking delight

Frozen in the hour of warmth,
Stunned into silence,
Touched by the tranquility of fire
In love with the sunset.

.:Purple Moors of Silence:.

The tangible mysticism, the deepening colors
Purple moors, gray clouds and an angry storm
Vibes of danger, beware
An aura of an unknown mystery, discover

The thunder clouds roll over the purple moors
Awakening a spell
The winds howl and gallop with the rising mysticism
Enticing inquiry
The buried reincarnating
The curse unearthing
The wailing howls weeping
Louder and louder
And then suddenly…silenced

The dead reburied
The curse covered
And the unknown hidden
A secret never to be known
Left to age in the hidden depths of the dark
Hidden from the world of inquiry
And forever silenced into death
The Purple Moors of Silence

Saturday, February 20, 2010

.: Heaven of Lies:.

Diverted from the path of pragmatism
Lost within the maze of illusions
Mislead to believe in a sea of false animation
Rapt in the grasp of a mirage

Averted from realism
Astray within the haze of hallucinations
Blinded to sight fake declarations
Captivated by the daydream

Distracted from precision
Adrift among castles of deceptions
Forced to hold on to fabrications
Fading into the lies

My vision clouded
My sanity smoked
My judgment bound
My convictions hoaxed

In denial and berated
Falsified and derated
Veracity unclear
Reaching towards fantasy
Reality blurred
Seeking truth in trickery

Have I failed?
Have I fallen?
From the fact or is it fiction?
From the reality or is it a delusion?

Perplexed and baffled
No longer able to define truth
Confused and bewildered
Unable to identify falsehoods
Will I fade?
Into the pretensions
Will I break?
By the deceptions

My vision clouded
My sanity smoked
My judgment bound
My convictions hoaxed

Help me seek definition in this undefined world of dishonesty
Echo my plea, reverberate my prayer
To seek the truth in this untruthful world
Living life in a heaven of lies…

Friday, February 19, 2010

.:Pillar of Strength:.

The strength to move on, the strength to belive and the strength to decide lies nowhere else except within yourself. If you own your thoughts and rule your sanity, you can thwart off any invasion. May it be aother's beliefs or thoughts or decisions. You are your own pillar of strength, nothing is stronger than the power of your mentality; the power of your sensiblilty, sanity, decision, and belif. Your pillar of strength...


An exodus from my heart
Of all those whom I cared for and didn’t care back
Of all those whom I loved and hurt me in return
Of all those whom I defended but had attacked

An exodus from my soul
Of all those whom I believed in but gave me doubt of disbelief
Of all those whom I had faith in and weren’t faithful
Of all those whom I trusted and had it broken

An exodus from my thoughts
Of all those whom I thought supported but abandoned
Of all those whom I thought truthful but falsified
Of all those whom I thought worthy of friendship and proved otherwise


Thursday, February 18, 2010

.:Never Be Afraid of Being Afraid:.

When you are told to be brave, what defines bravery to you? When you are asked to be courageous, what defines courageous to you? When you are asked to be confident, what defines confidence to you? How would you ever know what either or any are unless you have knowledge of their contrary? You may never know the truest meaning of bravery if you haven’t feared, you may never know the truest meaning of courage if you have never been a coward, nor will you ever know the truest meaning of confidence if you have never felt self-doubting.

When you have been subjected to feelings and sentiments that make you step back, cringe, or be nervous, only then can you learn to be a better person by overcoming them; and when you defeat and conquer those feelings, you then own the opposing strength to fight them forever. Like owning anti bodies to forever fight against that which makes you feel a lesser person. You are then a far stronger person than those who comprehend the words literally and own a tad of the strength of those words.

You can never talk about heartaches unless you have loved, you can never talk about mistrust unless you have trusted, you can never talk about suffering unless you have been well and you can never talk about sorrow unless you have been joyful. Nothing works independently. You can only be stronger when you have been weak. Never be afraid of being afraid, it will only make you brave.

.:Peals of Laughter:.

I enjoy thrills, things that make your heart rate go faster and make you scream with the adrenaline rush. Often i enjoy so much that i end up laughing so hard that i can't laugh or scream any more. Today was such a day, I went on a ride and i couldn't help but scream with laughter. You go all the way up up and up and then u fall down lol, and then the whole thing repeats itself haha...
I just can't wait unti i get the chance to do all the things that give u the rush, bungee jumping, car racing, cliff diving and everything everything possible...haha i am such an adrenaline junkie. Which reminds me so are my friends, lol Liane and Kate haha...We are so going bungee jumping together and do all the crazy things whenever we plan a vacation together. Love u both lots lots lots infinite x's and 0's

Today was fun :D. It also gave me time to spend time with a long ago friend Bella. I hadnt seen her in a long while and had an awesome time with her :D Lets go do more crazy things soon xD

One other thing that makes me crack and laugh is the song F*** You Very Much by Lily Allen loool...everytime i lsten to it i can't help but laugh, its so funny haha...a swear word in thanks lol and the way she sings it makes it even more funny looool

Well today was filled with peals of laughter, what better to make a day great than laughter :D
Keep smiling everyone, life is too short for ill feelings...:)

.: Spring's Sweet Welcome:.

Slightly breezy
Slightly warm
Slightly giddy
Slightly calm
Slightly sunny
And entirely fun
Spring’s sweet welcome

Flowers dancing
Petals whistling
Smiles beaming
Rays grinning
Kites soaring
Kids roaming
Spring’s sweet welcome

Spring’s sweet welcome
Joy and glee
Bikes and trees
Flowers and bees
Fun and me

.:Stark Crypt:.

A crypt of secrets
Created with reliance
Maintained with dependence
Reserved with hope
And held by belief

A fort of confidences
Found by trust
Built by whispers
Grown with faith
And stood with strength

After years apart
Or a thread of a moment
All abandoned and barren
Memories made
Scenes played
Lost, forgotten
Strayed, misplaced

Be careful with every step you seek
May it be a moment or years to come
But once time is lost
It never returns
And once a mistake is made
It never fades
Once lost is lost forever
The crypt of secrets bare
The fort of confidences barren
A Stark Crypt

.:Another Gem of Value another Jewel of Stone:.

Pieces of jewels, valued and bartered
With prices high
And values priceless
All are but stone
Shining and exuding mysticism
Which of those stones are of value, who decides?
Those whose sight seeks glitter?
Or those who price it by the hardship of its retrieval?
Those who are entranced by its aura?
Or those who only wish to drown in the wealth it will get?

Nothing is valued until you value it
Nothing is worth much value
Unless it enlightens your thoughts
Teaches a life’s experience
Educates you to mold yourself better
And edifies you about humanity and being humane
And the only thing that can accomplish that is a person
People are most of value
Not gems and jewels
Not rocks and stones

Value those you are surrounded by
Value those who strive to please you
Value those who teach you
Value those who educate you
Value those who give
Value those who sacrifice
Value those who care
Value those who love

When times is scarce you will realize that you were wrong
Paying high for things of less value
Grasp this time and thank
All those who have been there for you
For there is always another gem of value and another jewel of stone
But no one is a rarer jewel
Or a valued gem
Than the ones who love you

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

.:Sea of Rainbows:.

It can howl with rage
Or shine with luster
It can ring with a growling inky black
Or chime with a reflecting blue green
So deep that secrets be lost within
So impulsive that each second plays a different color
So peculiar that each current results vague
So predictable that each ripple ends accurate
Exotic and wonderful
That infinite beauty abides and surfaces
Enigmatic and mystifying
That mysteries lie beneath the veil covering the visage

Consoles yet hopes to be soothed
Offers tranquility yet seeks peace
Wears a veneer of contentment yet desires more
Provides strength yet wishes to be empowered

It can sink
Drown within grief and conflicts
Or have sunken
Engulf whispers and secrets
It can float
Shine, rejoice and be merry
Or make afloat
Bestow bliss and make cheery
Characteristics contradicting yet composed whole
Personality mysterious and bold
Electrifying and mystifying
Exciting and guarded
Opposing yet united
Volatile and placid
Bottomless and inscrutable
And absolutely remarkable and wonderful

You are The Sea of Rainbows
Hiding every pebble and leaf
Reflecting every color beneath
Sparkling and lively
Full of warmth and ease
Dynamic and vigorous
Intense and upbeat
Sea of Rainbows

.:Heart by the Hearth:.

Warm greetings to all you bloggers.
I have made my blog in order to connect with people and make new friends.
I will be posting up my works of iterature and other aspects of expression i use.
I hope you all find something to connect to, something to admire and something you like.
In every ones lies a friend, and what better than a greeting from the heart by the hearth.