Sunday, February 21, 2010

.:Fading Shadows:.

All I ever thought about was
How I stood drenched in the rain
Soaked by the heaving spears
And struck by lightning
Frightened by the deafening thunder
And blinded by the ghastly haze

All I ever thought about was
How dark the night was
Afraid of the eternal ominous black
And creepy lurking shadows
Alarmed by whistles in the silence
And echoing hollow whispers

All I ever thought about was how awful it all was
Never realizing
That after the rain the rainbow always shines
Breaking the gray clouds and lighting hope
Clear, colorful, never ending and treasured

That after every night the sun always rises
Disintegrating the shadows and brightening the dark
Brilliant, illuminating, eternal and cherished

That after every tear there comes a smile
And after every dark there comes light
That after all sorrows there comes a while
Where you cherish the drenching rains and dark nights
Fading shadows

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