Sunday, February 21, 2010

.:Open Up:.

You keep yourself closeted
Away from every penetrating sight
Away from every perceiving eye
No matter how shallow you seem to be
You are as deep
No matter how hard you seem to be
You are as soft
And no matter how harsh you seem to be
You are as gentle

The past may have compelled you to draw yourself within
Taught you not to trust or let people in
It may have given you distaste for some
But time reveals more as it comes

Not everyone lives alike, people act different
What your past held may not be what your future reveals
Thus try and love each one separately instead of generalizing them into one
And you will see how beautiful every person shines beneath

Open up your soul
Those whom you condemn are far worthier
Open up your eyes
Those whom you loathe are more than shallow
Open up your heart
Those whom you hurt are more deserving
Open up
For you may never get another chance
And when time is scare you will realize how wrong you were
That those who you shunned away from
Were the ones who loved you the most.

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