Sunday, February 21, 2010


Love me, let me dream
Even if a lie
Hold me, quiet my grief
Even if for a while
Be present, and let your presence heal
Even if I seem fine
Care for me, make me believe
Never to let me cry

I won’t weep
Will dissolve my grief
I won’t fall
Will stop being weak
If you pose to be with me
And exhibit fake pretensions true
That you love me
And will help me through

Pretend to care
Let me conjure illusions
Pretend to adore
Let me live in my delusions
Pretend to like
Let me believe in the hallucinations

Exhibit a charade of undying love
Pretend to be an ardent lover
Act a play of fancied attachment
Pretend to be an affectionate admirer
And I’ll be convinced
That even if you truly don’t love me
You care enough to play pretense
That even if you really don’t care
You worry enough to help me
That even if you rarely worry
You bother enough to act in propriety


  1. Mariaaaaaaaaa!! This's awesomenes... I bet you change the template of this blog and make it something matching the rantings, cuz its just beautiful <3

  2. jazak ALLAH khair...but i likeee thisss themeeee :(

  3. no this theme is good, but just put some more art in it, some colors on the left, right, top and bottom. play with the font etc and puts some more pictures....if you like it