Thursday, February 18, 2010

.:Another Gem of Value another Jewel of Stone:.

Pieces of jewels, valued and bartered
With prices high
And values priceless
All are but stone
Shining and exuding mysticism
Which of those stones are of value, who decides?
Those whose sight seeks glitter?
Or those who price it by the hardship of its retrieval?
Those who are entranced by its aura?
Or those who only wish to drown in the wealth it will get?

Nothing is valued until you value it
Nothing is worth much value
Unless it enlightens your thoughts
Teaches a life’s experience
Educates you to mold yourself better
And edifies you about humanity and being humane
And the only thing that can accomplish that is a person
People are most of value
Not gems and jewels
Not rocks and stones

Value those you are surrounded by
Value those who strive to please you
Value those who teach you
Value those who educate you
Value those who give
Value those who sacrifice
Value those who care
Value those who love

When times is scarce you will realize that you were wrong
Paying high for things of less value
Grasp this time and thank
All those who have been there for you
For there is always another gem of value and another jewel of stone
But no one is a rarer jewel
Or a valued gem
Than the ones who love you


  1. Nice photo up there. Continue this thing. Description behind every picture. The Idea behind every snap :)