Sunday, February 21, 2010

.:New Beginnings:.

I tread on a journey towards an unknown destination
Along the way I came across cleared paths and bright days,
Cheery sights and wonderful dreams,
Vibrant flowers and strong foundations

And then I came upon rough roads and battered paths
The rain stabbed me and made my path even worse to walk on
I stumbled and fell but then I got back up and continued walking
I walked through the pain and hurdles
I walked through the screaming weather
I came upon a hill

Blinded by the mist of the pouring rain
I strived and drove myself forward to reach the top
The rain challenged me, the rubble slipped
But I kept on moving forward.
I went on staggering upward
Through the haze and downpour
Over the piercing rocks and slipping mud
And I prevailed,
I reached the top.

The rain subsided and the damp dried
The sun shone and I found myself at my destination
Where I stood was where I had begun
My journey had ended with my beginning.
However this would be a new beginning
For the past journey had made me stronger

Every ending is a commencement of new beginnings
Every destination is the beginning of another journey
Just as my destination has brought me upon a new journey
And my ending has ended with a new beginning.

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