Sunday, February 21, 2010

.:Rhythms of the Day:.

At the break of dawn,
I stand at the brink, stealing a breath of the breeze,
It whips around me, tousles my hair,

Hours pass and the sun rises high,
Then the twelfth hour strikes
And strike the beams do too on the crystal surface of the sea
Breaking it in a million lustrous diamonds and drowning me within its beauty
Lost, I stare nonsensical at the luminous sea
Wishing it would last for eternity,
But eternity would make me lose its desire
Thus, it fades as the sun descends

The sun’s descent seizes me in rapture
The sky paints itself in a wondrous display and holds me captive
Pale pink and yellow, orange and cherry red
All deepening gradually into bold tones
Rich pink and deep gold, fiery auburn and crimson

Slowly the violet velvet starts spreading,
It settles, showered in glitter
And then again I am lost in the delight my sight beholds

The different rhythms of the day engulf me in their waves of pleasure
Nature never ceases to inspire me,
Nor will I ever cease to admire it.

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