Monday, February 22, 2010


I am a puppet, a marionette
Controlled and played
By societies’ proprieties
And judging eyes
By people’s lies
And life’s cries

The proprieties of the society
Teaching me the prerequisite
Asking me to act in accordance
Requesting me to speak with etiquette
Asking me to give an appearance of acceptance
And yet following the contrary of their demands
Whispering gossip and fueling rumor
Raising scandals and disrespecting with humor
Creating trouble and enjoying the furor
Before asking me to be someone who I am not
Set an example I would follow
Rather than teaching me your flaws
And thrusting me on a path shallow

The judging sights
Viewing me keenly, scrutinizing
With interest in faults be exhibited and acts inappropriate
To later spark a story and flame into flares
To exhume the buried and strum on dead bones
To splay my character with grime and enjoy doing it
Those judging sights not worth a sight
For their actions smudge their own name
Owning no right to judge me
Splaying filth on their own entities
Before eyeing and pointing me
Look within, you wouldn’t want it
So act the same
Don’t go and blacken my name

People’s lies
Filling me ears full
Trying to exhibit life’s false truths
Showing me lights dull
And filling me with falsehoods
Wanting to ruin my outlook
Making me see a lying book
Wanting to make me believe in those lies
And compose me of fake compositions
Before trying to mist my perspective with sham
See who I am
I am not weak to believe in your false truths
Will never change myself for your falsehoods

Life’s cries
Loud and condemning
Inevitable and challenging
Forcing to hide in a burrow
Causing profound sorrow
Causing feelings ill
And halting life still
Block out the cries and drown the misery
Choose to listen to melodies and be afloat
Misery cries only when you let it
Life will sing sweet if you believe it

I am a puppet, a marionette no longer
Controlled and played no further
By societies’ improper proprieties
And unjust judging eyes
By the people’s unaffecting lies
And life’s blockable cries

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