Friday, November 26, 2010

I can own all the knowledge I can carry in my vessel of understanding but it all would be useless unless implemented in the scripture of my life...

Maria Yousuf

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why does it seem to me
That my words are a bokeh you hear?
A blur in the background
That makes your picture complete?

Stanza By Maria Yousuf

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I watch you twirl in the rain
And hear you symbolically say
Gray days are worth a shot

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
Your countenance
is the reflection
of your demeanor

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

Disputes are common
Solutions can be found
Just don't let yourself down

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
Don't let silence
Be the mold
That may decay our life

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
There are a million reason
Why I'd spend
My life with you

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
Tears aren't water
I'll see them even in the sea
If you try and hide them from me

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I want to soak in the gray rainy day
Taste the romance of a 'Near Touch'
And feel the flavor of 'So Close yet Far Away'

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

Colors have been washed out, faded
Yet they remain a dull remembrance
Of the tears that wiped them

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

My shield isn't bullet proof
Every time you fire your words
I hurt with a deep wound

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

I wear an armor protecting my soul
An armor that conceals me
From the rest of the world

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am the breeze that evokes happy chimes within your heart
One that brings about your lost smile
And makes your pulse flutter

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
Be a warrior against your worst enemy, your own self
For you are the only one who can drag yourself to Hell
The worst of all penalties

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
If you are willing to see, you can find beauty even in an empty room...

Maria Yousuf
I'm waiting for the right season to embrace the warmth I am willing to share...

Maria Yousuf
You are a casket encased with emotions waiting for the right key to unlock you...

Maria Yousuf
Its when you face life that you know its tough and that is when you realize that its only the beginning

Maria Yousuf

Saturday, November 20, 2010

.:Symphonic Dawn:.

It chimes into presence, sings beauty
It sews the hymn of the season, spans the horizon slowly
The melody is tangible, the sweetness savory
The music exquisite, the taste heavenly
I am seized in the rhythm I hear
Caught among the the cover it wears
I steal a peek before it's gone
I am seized in the symphonic dawn

Maria Yousuf
I dislike those who serve as gravity to my flight to success and my endeavors.
I shall show you how high I can fly without flying as high as Icarus

Maria Yousuf

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the one meant to be relied upon isn't reliable
What do you do?


I like to speak my mind so I will
I was exposed to truth of art
I understand and intend to implement it
But then after
An image appeared
Convicting me
And wrong as it was
I couldn't show the other side of the tale
I tried but was eschewed
When I flew to exit
I was condemned
But I disappeared anyway

Now I think
My position is at a disadvantage
For no matter how or what my sketch
It shall always be scorned
If I have complaints about the medium or ambiance
Whom should I turn to?
If I turn to the Head
I will be Persona non Grata
When I turn to the one who could alter
I am not aided
What else do I do?
I don't know whom to turn to
Thus now I decide to endure
And HOPE to forever do so

Though I do know the editor does help
But only sometimes
Often I'm among the blacklisted
And I know the problems will always find escape
They shall never be chained
Now or ever
Because they have the one support that matters
The acceptance of everyone else
Not quite everyone
Just that one
Who is counted as everyone

So to my disadvantage and bad luck
No its not self pity
I fear I am disdained
And shall be
I am scorned
And shall remain being so
I am unfortunate
Yet hope that doesn't last

Maria Yousuf

They will question me
But wont ever question about me
I'll come through for them
But I wonder will they ever come through for me?

Maria Yousuf
Because of you I'm broken
Without a supporting base I'm shaken
All I am is empty and barren

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
As soon as the last word is spoken
All that was before
Ends forgotten

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
Your sacrifices are always forgotten
Your intentions always unknown
What you want always misunderstood
Then again all your wishes dont always come true

Quatrain By Maria Yousuf

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm reaching for change
Looking for another path, another way
To walk through to everyday

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
I see strawberries and chocolate
And I imagine a warm fire place
But its all an image in my head

Haiku By Maria Yousuf
Eternity sacrifices appeal
Forever is no more real
So instead
These are the wishes I speak and seal

I wish we would spend our lives together
Grow old together
Spend our last breaths together
And be untied in death as we part

Maria Yousuf
You can be the vampire who turns me
Or sucks my blood dry
I'll always find a way
To have you chasing me

Quatrain By Maria Yousuf
My words walk on thin ice
One misstep
And I shall be submerged in lies

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm sitting with weapons of mass destruction
Ones that would demolish my integrity
Those weapons will only be found within me

Haiku By Maria Yousuf


Thunder may overtake the recesses of your subconscious thoughts
Murder your spontaneity, lead you in a corner and leave you cowering
It may take you back in abeyance, eschew your power of will
Silence your speech of intelligence and hold your tongue against your deal
It may reach out to you from the shade of a mere skeleton tree
Blind your ingenuity and deafen your capacity of comprehension

It will scare you and frighten you
Just to have you hold on to that fright of nothing
Don't let the blood of fright stain your entity
Fright only makes you braver
Face the storm and make yourself stronger
You know you are much more than what you think you might be

Maria Yousuf

Thursday, November 4, 2010

.:Dedicated to Uki:.

You sparked my dreams
Took me through a fairytale
Gave me memories to grasp
A lifeline to help me set sail
Held my hand for security
Supported me through rough waves
But then you brought the sky crashing down on me
When I got to know you got married
The fairytale was now hell
Those memories mere broken threads
Your security nothing more than holding hands
Falsehoods was all you said
It was all a lie
I trusted you and believed you
And you returned the favor
By not seeing your promises through

Maria Yousuf
I said I wont
But my ancient pillars are crumbling and I need support
I don't know who will be the lock to my treasure
Or the vessel that holds my heart
But I do know I need someone's hand to hold

Maria Yousuf
I will eschew it all away
That's what I say
But at every hour of repetition
I cry

Quatrain By Maria Yousuf
I capture images
Preserve ideas
And steal a moment in time

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The only way you can get through
Is while being you
No one needs another one of someone else

Haiku By Maria Yousuf

Monday, November 1, 2010

I am torn shore to shore
not knowing which waves to battle
Obfuscated about truths told
an ocean keeping me walls apart

Maria Yousuf