Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You linger on my mind
Not entirely there but present

You walk stealthily into my thoughts
Not an entire part but a fragment

You have sought a place in my sub-conscience
When I deprive you of the awareness of your existence

Maria Yousuf
Don't push me away
Or stand walls in between
Don't break my trust
Or assume what you haven't seen
Or you'll lose me forever

Maria Yousuf
Denial is a mask over your deepest wish
Refusal is a tomb encasing your heart
And Unwillingness is fright of rejection

Maria Yousuf

Don't Say No One Cares

You may walk around like you have no feelings
Act like you don't care that no one cares what happens to you
You may make people believe that you don't hurt anymore
Just because the past has broken you
But I know that you wish contrary to what you exhibit
Wish they had been there for you instead

I've got a message for you

If they weren't, we are
And always will be
We may not be bound by blood
But we stick together through thick and tough
So drop that guard and come on in
Our group hug awaits you and your happy grin :D

Don't ever say no one cares
That which comforts you could cause to become obtuse
That which may seem glaring could become your trigger

Maria Yousuf
Inebriated with adrenaline
Knowing it will only last a while
Awaiting the intoxication to wear off
And walk away with a smile

Maria Yousuf

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A nostalgic feel
A breeze bound with memories
A bit sweet
A bit warm

Like a warm embrace
Exhuming emotions onto the surface

Recollecting old times
Preserved memories tears and smiles
Remembering it all and secretly wishing
To bring it all back again

Maria Yousuf

Was I wrong to stay away?
Was I wrong to keep safe?
From destructive trusts
And fake friendships?

Maria Yousuf