Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I like to speak my mind so I will
I was exposed to truth of art
I understand and intend to implement it
But then after
An image appeared
Convicting me
And wrong as it was
I couldn't show the other side of the tale
I tried but was eschewed
When I flew to exit
I was condemned
But I disappeared anyway

Now I think
My position is at a disadvantage
For no matter how or what my sketch
It shall always be scorned
If I have complaints about the medium or ambiance
Whom should I turn to?
If I turn to the Head
I will be Persona non Grata
When I turn to the one who could alter
I am not aided
What else do I do?
I don't know whom to turn to
Thus now I decide to endure
And HOPE to forever do so

Though I do know the editor does help
But only sometimes
Often I'm among the blacklisted
And I know the problems will always find escape
They shall never be chained
Now or ever
Because they have the one support that matters
The acceptance of everyone else
Not quite everyone
Just that one
Who is counted as everyone

So to my disadvantage and bad luck
No its not self pity
I fear I am disdained
And shall be
I am scorned
And shall remain being so
I am unfortunate
Yet hope that doesn't last

Maria Yousuf

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