Thursday, November 11, 2010


Thunder may overtake the recesses of your subconscious thoughts
Murder your spontaneity, lead you in a corner and leave you cowering
It may take you back in abeyance, eschew your power of will
Silence your speech of intelligence and hold your tongue against your deal
It may reach out to you from the shade of a mere skeleton tree
Blind your ingenuity and deafen your capacity of comprehension

It will scare you and frighten you
Just to have you hold on to that fright of nothing
Don't let the blood of fright stain your entity
Fright only makes you braver
Face the storm and make yourself stronger
You know you are much more than what you think you might be

Maria Yousuf


  1. Truly very encouraging.
    'Take it on' is the message.
    The only solution to fear is to face it.
    I likes this. :D

  2. nice to know u grasped it...:)