Sunday, February 21, 2010

.:Purple Moors of Silence:.

The tangible mysticism, the deepening colors
Purple moors, gray clouds and an angry storm
Vibes of danger, beware
An aura of an unknown mystery, discover

The thunder clouds roll over the purple moors
Awakening a spell
The winds howl and gallop with the rising mysticism
Enticing inquiry
The buried reincarnating
The curse unearthing
The wailing howls weeping
Louder and louder
And then suddenly…silenced

The dead reburied
The curse covered
And the unknown hidden
A secret never to be known
Left to age in the hidden depths of the dark
Hidden from the world of inquiry
And forever silenced into death
The Purple Moors of Silence


  1. Silence is Golden...but in this case its just enticingly mysterious