Thursday, February 18, 2010

.:Never Be Afraid of Being Afraid:.

When you are told to be brave, what defines bravery to you? When you are asked to be courageous, what defines courageous to you? When you are asked to be confident, what defines confidence to you? How would you ever know what either or any are unless you have knowledge of their contrary? You may never know the truest meaning of bravery if you haven’t feared, you may never know the truest meaning of courage if you have never been a coward, nor will you ever know the truest meaning of confidence if you have never felt self-doubting.

When you have been subjected to feelings and sentiments that make you step back, cringe, or be nervous, only then can you learn to be a better person by overcoming them; and when you defeat and conquer those feelings, you then own the opposing strength to fight them forever. Like owning anti bodies to forever fight against that which makes you feel a lesser person. You are then a far stronger person than those who comprehend the words literally and own a tad of the strength of those words.

You can never talk about heartaches unless you have loved, you can never talk about mistrust unless you have trusted, you can never talk about suffering unless you have been well and you can never talk about sorrow unless you have been joyful. Nothing works independently. You can only be stronger when you have been weak. Never be afraid of being afraid, it will only make you brave.


  1. When you never have been negative. How can you just feel the positive side? Never can you..
    I din't know that you also think a bit philosophical like me Maria.
    Its good to know this. :)

    And now I might surely be enjoying the fun of being happy, as I have already tasted unhappiness *grins*

  2. lol ive always been philosophical, u have gotten to know now...and i like your last lines :)