Monday, May 31, 2010

From Behind Shattered Mirrors

From behind shattered mirrors I peek
I watch you cry sorrowful
Aching as you reassemble those shards
I watch from behind the shattered mirror
Invisible to you in your agony
A blurred unreality
I peep from the other side
Hoping that you would see me now
Since I am not the cause of your pain
I bind my hands behind my back
And come out from my hiding place
You wipe away your tears and look at me
Seeing me stand there you cry harder
And you pick me up and hug me
I am hope
One that you had forgotten
One that you let slip from your hands
One whom you denied trust in any longer
But remember I am always there in your toughest times
You strength to hold on to when you are down
I am hope
You hope
Your trust
Your faith
Peeking from behind shattered mirrors

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