Monday, March 29, 2010

.:The Sky is the Limit:.

“The sky is the limit”- Anonymous. The sky, perfect to set goals towards, set goals high above you and reach them. The higher you reach the farther your goal yet always in grasp. Reach up high to touch the sky, and in your view you will see that you can always grasp it but not entirely. Go and stand beneath the sky, a sunny one or a starry one, and reach up and you will see that your goal is yet to be reached. Get up higher and reach up and yet your goal is far away. Go higher and higher, as high as you can go and you will see that no matter how high you go your goals will rise higher and higher and that there is no end to the infinite sky. Yet you will also see that you are always touching the sky and that your goals are gained. Extending higher only extends the count of your goals and sets new ones, the one you had set is already been achieved. The sky is the limit, what a paradox, the sky has no limit. Set goals to infinite and even though infinite is endless your goals will always be reachable. The sky is the limit.

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