Wednesday, March 24, 2010

.: Happy Endings - Sinking into Eternity:.

It was past midnight and she stood at the edge where the water broke the shore, the chilly night bit at her skin. It was breathtakingly beautiful, it was a full moon and accentuated the silently lapping waves and the night sky was filled with stars, it was the bluest night she ever remembered. She was fully clothed and silver streaks marked her face, she’d been crying. Kathleen moved forward to sink in the wetness when she felt a presence behind her. “Why are you going for a swim at the middle of the night?” she turned back to look at him, his eyes spoke concern. She slowly looked away and said “I want to go deep beneath the water where no one can see my tears”. As she started forward Ryan held her hand and she turned to look at him, he silently smiled at her and took a step forward to stand by her. That said it all. Holding hands they both sank in the breeze of the waves.

Mari Yousuf

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