Sunday, March 21, 2010

.:Life Line:.

Will you reach out and save me from the fall?
Catch me from self imposed solitary
Will you help me float?
Uplift me when I am in danger of drowning in the sea of loss
Will you swim me to the shore?
Guide me to dry land when all I own is damp tears of being left alone
Will you walk me home?
See me to safety when I am in danger of becoming lost and gone
Will you be my life line?
Be the reason I stay afloat
And the reason I don’t feel sore anymore

Will you pull me in?
Support and help me when I am helpless and weak in emptiness
Will you pull me out?
Lift me from the gloom and dismay of loneliness
Will you wrap me in warmth?
Embrace and comfort me when I am stranded
Will you build me a fire?
Make sure I won’t freeze if I become jaded
Will you be my life line?
Be the reason I hold on
And the reason I go on?

Will you be my lifeline?
The strength I hold on to
The sky I look up to
The support I stand up against
The being I stand up with
My Life Line….

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