Monday, March 1, 2010

.:Secret Diary:.

Let me be your secret diary,
Let me conceal your dirty secrets
And cover your transgressions
Let me mask your filthy thoughts
And bury your wrong doings
Let me engulf your whispers
And veil your fantasies
Let me obscure your embarrassments
And hide your bad deeds

Let me be your secret diary,
To be your one and only
Your lock and key
To be your friend for a lifetime
And confidant for eternity
To be your cloak to cover with
And your shelter to hide in
To be the guardian of your crypt of secrets
And your pillar of strength when you need it

Let me be your secret diary like you are mine
The same faith and trust
The same love and hurt
The same strength and weakness
The same bliss and sadness

Love me as I love you
Have faith me as I have faith in you
Entrust me with your hidden silence as I have entrusted mine to you
Lock your soul within me as I have locked mine within you
Rely on my assurance as I have relied on yours
Believe in my words as I have believed in yours
Find bliss in my presence as I have found it in yours
Seek comfort in my embrace as I have sought it in yours
Make me your secret diary as I have made you mine
Secret Diary….


  1. Very nice blog with wonderful poems. You're an artist, Mari. I like also your pictures accompanying the words. Nice work!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

    Sue's Daily Photography

  2. WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW!!
    Ok I should stop before I start sounding like a dog, LMAO!