Friday, November 25, 2011

Where I choose to Stand

In tints of green and gray
The shore greets me
The tender waves bow below
Tickle my advancing feet

The rays of dawn kiss the rugged peaks that surround me
Create a halo around me
Make me giddy
Spread a smile

I loose myself in the tranquility
Feel the waves of joy rolling
I Loose myself in the rhythm and melody
Let them pull me into oblivion

Reality seems surreal
The existing hollow asunder
I rely upon beliefs in castles of sand
and wish to abide within

I can pick up a handful of sand
But never count the grains
one by one
a million to none

I can fling them in the sea
But in the end they will all come back to me
So I choose to blind them
Rid them entirely

I chase an illusion created with rainbows
Believe in my castles of sand
Never let the haze of my dream settle
That is where I choose to stand

Maria Yousuf


  1. Yeah I knew you would post something today - How? magic.

    From all of your poems. One thing that I really like is that consistent rhyming scheme, which is quite awesome. The choice of wordings is great.

    "They were all astonished by the rhythm, as she arranged the words, one by one."

    Keep Writing.

  2. You know because i tweeted i would :P
    Thank you, i rhymed it purposefully ^-^ and the words...well the words are mine :D

    "No astonishment lies in truth
    The words I speak will be yours one day
    Your rhythm"