Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zindagi Ishq hai
Ashiqoon ka mazhar
Uss Khuda ke liyay
Jis ne kiya hum se pyaar

Urdu Poetry By Maria Yousuf


  1. Don't i just love you sister?
    You are truly amazing MASHALLAH.

  2. jazak ALLAH khairyn brother :)jazak ALLAH khairun ikthir...All praise is due to ALLAH :)

  3. Im so impressed. you are so talented Maria. I really like your blog , the pictures and your shairi . Could you have a look at my blog & give some recommendations?

  4. jazak ALLAH khair love...n i love ur blog, i read the posts when u link them on twitter :), though i would say, have people submit things, like stories and stuff :) itll b nice