Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll be the one who you need me to be
The one to hold your hand while you sleep
The one to wipe away those tears that seep
But will you be that someone for me?
The one who holds my hand and wipes my tears away?
The one by my bedside when I ask you to stay?


  1. Ahan! Now this is where I would be tested, hehe.
    As I told you yesterday on the phone too, that I want to be that hand for others. So just try me Maria, and see if I am capable of being your helping hand. *wink wink* :D

  2. ufooooo *slap* kamoosh ab this what you wonder? is this what you sometimes ask whoever you help? do u ask them if they will they help you out too?

  3. i know yar. its from my perspective :D
    i was kidding :P