Friday, March 2, 2012

The Sleeping Child at Night

Like the sleeping child at night holding his mothers hand
Who stirs as she moves
Refuses to let go when she tries to leave

Whose life is encompassed within that one entity
Who lives her every presence
Wails lost in her absence

The sleeping child with harbored attachments
Which he keeps protected under his umbrella
Holding on tighter as time moves further

His weakness, his Achilles heel
The sinking ship of loss unthinkable
The absence of a lighthouse unimaginable

I lie in bed asleep holding your hand
Grasp it tighter as you move
Refuse to let you go

I lie in bed asleep
Afraid that you'll be gone when I wake up
Afraid that I'll loose my ship's anchor and it'll float away
Afraid that an arrow will strike my Achilles Heel
Afraid that I'll be lost in the black death of your absence
Like the sleeping child at night

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