Saturday, March 10, 2012

Passion Fruit

A duet of black and white roses
One crowned a mystery
The other crested tender
One sung intense blazing 
The other subtle, a kindled flame

Tangled harmony of harp strings and violin
Tender waves under the noon sun
A ballroom with bow ties and dresses
A dance barely begun

Wrapped velvet overlapping
Rich in enigma, Soft in sensation
Immaculate in weighing both equal
Fierce against amiable

A Passion fruit
A song poised
An empowering presence
An endearing essence

The emblem of your entity
Comprised magnificently of depth
Hushed into invisibility
Secrets well kept

Strength obscure form plain view
What you know, what you knew
A broken fragment from the entire truth
An aged soul in budding youth

Surface silk, smooth and placid
Curtained storms wailing vivid
Protected, shielded from hearts that see
Saving oneselfs an eternity

Harmonizing the past like gold threads hung
All a lesson, a memory sung
A pattern of love and constant defeat
A bequeathed experience unknown, unseen

Composed melody of a rising dawn
Traced silhouette of a fiery sunset
Parallel in the universe living apart 
Emblazoned together on your heart
Embellished whispers upon your soul
Fragmented sorrows making it whole
An exempliary life of a passion fruit
Passionate in being with the sweetness of a fruit
Passion Fruit


  1. This is beautiful!! WOW. MashaAllah

  2. I don't know, but I felt like you're explaining Mangoes or Watermelons to me. Seriously. May be I'm just too hungry, or may be I've a tendency to lean towards Mangoes & Watermelons when fruits are mentioned. :'|

    But all aside my personal configurations & mouse settings, Very Well written. :)

  3. @ daniyal : -_- ... ok now im upset -_-
    @ zeeshan : You wow isnt even helping -_-

  4. Okay, I should take poems a little more literally. Sorry, don't be upset.

  5. i didnt say you have to change your comments or anything -_-

    1. oh no its ok...just bcuz u said manogoes and fruits -_-