Monday, February 4, 2013

Fountain of Wealth

I am at a loss of words to explain
How high I esteem you, how much you matter

It is a feeling I can not put in words.
Like how we cry tears of joy and feel when we step into the warmth of the sun

Like a heart overwhelmed with joy
And the leisure we feel at the sight of a beautiful waterfall

Like how flowers evoke a pleasant feeling
And how its fragrance fills us with a delectable sensation.

You are like a fountain of wealth.
One that has blessed me incredibly

You are so pleasant and nice filled with such goodness
That everything around you is alight with your aura

You soft smile and that twinkle in your eyes.
That is what I look forward to, that is my joy

Your embrace.
Like I am enveloped in wings of security and serenity.

Your beautiful hands and soft feet.
My treasure which I kiss to have forever.

You are someone whom I can't describe in a few words.
You are an entity who I can not capture with analogies

Just like purity.
How it can only be felt and not described

You are like that.
An entity overflowing with purity.

Tasneem, a Fountain in Paradise
From which only those closest to Allah will drink.

May you be among those who drink
From the fountain after which you have been named.

Happy Birthday Dear Tanni

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