Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Eclipsed by fears of wishes unfulfilled
Shadowed with expectations numb and unhopeful
You say you are happy but you and I know well
You have just learned to survive in the mediocre

You have locked your pleas, your dreams your desires
Submitting to that which is given
But patience doesn't mean dictating a marionette
Rather being happy in each decision

You have become a fossil of truth
Wrapping up yourself in your cocoon
Hanging you head and moving along
A nonchalant existence, immune

I wish to see the eclipse pass and see the sun
As of now I only see a ring
Your potential of life surpasses your state
For you were never born a dispassionate being

I can not imagine the life I'll see
Once the eclipse has gone
Such Radiance, life, and incandescent joy
All illuminated in one

I want you to be the sun again
Live, wish, want and be happy
I want to see you joyous again
Rewrite the beginning to your story

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