Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Nuvole Bianche (White Clouds)

New fallen snow, draping Roman Castles
Enlivening purity, whispering hope.
Silent ecstasy
Enchanting, gripping.
Lives tied in clouds of breaths.
Frozen moments defined

Emerald Peaks Glimmer, subdued lights flicker
Once alive now subtle.
A life under morning melodies.
A day spent beneath plucked petals
Shadowed by where we choose to hide.
Never gone, forever mine

In drifting Rain and blown out candles
Death awaits in sleep, unheard, gentle
Life, Love, Faith and courtesy
Trust, shattered bowed in humility
Loss of one
One world, One Life, One Love.
Be not afraid of running consequences, fear has no hold on you.
Charge forward Gladiator, you'll win this war through

It's when I hold you that I fell solace in words.
Breathe luxury of the finest, set apart the destitution.
I've fallen prey to your magnificence, drawn to your charisma.
All allure has fallen blind, outshone by your presence
If I had to choose one over you, I'd have chosen none. 


  1. I kind of like the last lines more. (The longer lines that you write sound fantastic to me, for some reason)

    & these two lines, I read them too many times, they sound great.
    "In drifting Rain and blown out candles
    Death awaits in sleep, unheard, gentle"

    Actually, there's no compensation, the poems sounds great to me. :) Like Always, you wrote a great poem.

    1. You dont really critique my work, u just like them all. lol
      Thank You very much...
      Will be writing a revised one like u suggested :)

  2. well whats the point otherwise?
    Will be looking forward to your reviews :)