Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Abandoned Throne

That sheet of paper you feather your script upon
So lovingly inscribe the flicks and swish from the felt tip
The flickr of the lit fireplace dancing upon its memory
The depth of the moment engraving upon your heart
As you pour out the treasures from your casket
Your casket of sentiments and stories untold

A tale whispered in the winter silence
Sung among the mocking flames
Your words, so loved and treasured were they
Bled from your core of vulnerability
Now they lie peeking from the crevices of a crumpled dome
With the significance of an antique that once shone

An L in the valley of the fold, an O further below
A V at the peak of the mountain, an E nowhere shown
The smoke of the burnt wood and cast out flames rise
The morning rays light a path to the crumpled dome
Once so very loved and treasured
Now a forgotten and abandoned throne

Maria Yousuf