Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Make me not a memory or a dream
I was born to be buried
Am living to die
And breathing to be tested
Eventually, I'll fade away

Maria Yousuf


  1. No one came here with superiority -
    Or no one came into this world "Popular"

    It is not the start of the day that counts -
    The only thing that is going to be counted are our "good Deeds" - at the end of the day.

    Don't become someone's memory but spend your time with them precisely - so that when you die, they cry, cry not because you've died. But because you've left their sides and no one can fill it.

    Great Work.

  2. I wouldn't want tears over my corpse
    Wouldn't want wails biding me goodbye
    I wouldn't want sorrow shadowing my coffin
    Or thoughts of a sad demise

    I'd want smiles on the faces of my fare wells
    Would want joy to shelter my memory
    I'd want gratitude for my final journey
    And prayers of forgiveness as my canopy

    Thanks :)

  3. There is always Sorrow...Shadowing a coffin. It can't be removed. If it was Possible - People would have already done it.

    No person goes and buries someone without shedding a tear.


    This one is totally unrelated but it reminds me of death.

    The Sorrow gets higher day by day
    I cry on the ones that died a year ago -
    When A Bomb hit A Mosque Yesterday

    You're Welcome.

  4. I'll be the happiest when I die. That's why i don't people to be sad when I do